Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've learnt how to do pictures ... so ...
this is one of the first 'bad guys' the resto chick downed all by herself in Northrend. He was not elite, but gee he didn't want to give up. There was good reason to go shadowmeld; he respawned quite quickly!

This is the resto's sister, a frost mage :) who has also hit 80. This image is going back a while now, all of these ones are really, but she sat waiting outside the Mag. Tce. for what seemed like an age. For a flimsy clothie who seemed to manage to discover graveyards easily, this girl did most of her questing and leveling completely independent of most other people. This was one of the few runs she a
ctually went on as part of a group until she changed rhelms and so I was quite happy to sit and wait and wait ...

Ah, now we are 80 in this shot. I've always thought it a shame that with the introduction of the dungeon finder functions, you form a cross-rhelm group, belt through the instance and then disband. I'd have no idea what most of them look like. I insisted that we have a bit of a look before we headed off this time. I was quite impressed by the globe although it is definitely Azeroth, in some parts it looks a lot like Earth.

I thought I had a couple of other shots from the raid in southern Silthis, more the point, I know I do, but I am not sure where so I'll have to have a poke around and see if I can find them.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

my faith in GM's returns

After an abysmal experience some months back when I tried to find out why I could not log onto an area of my account on wow only to be told that I had to supply some nobody in a country I don't have a lot of faith in their security with details that would allow them to have my entire identity in their hands ... at one point I was informed that it was okay to mail my birth certificate and a bunch of other documentation as US mail is federally protected .... fine I replied, that will do me great after someone has flogged my stuff and anyway, it ain't in US mail until it gets to the US .... anyway, it wasn't the mail I didn't trust, it was the guy on the other end of the email that I just didn't trust .... (okay get out off my soap box and tell my story) ... the stupid thing was that the guy kept trying to tell me that I had the controls set to a different email ... rot and nonsense if ever I'd heard.

On Thursday last I was playing on line trying to grind some gold as you do so that I could buy a bike ... hey ... if I own one in real life, why not have one in game (although I do think the engine noise spoils the game sound). Come Friday night while in an instance (ICC one on less sigh) my long time partner in crime of a shadow priest whispers me to ask why my gear score was so low (in the middle of a boss fight lol) I flicked open my resto's character tab and saw with a sinking heart that there was no weapon equipped and, of course, in the middle of a fight, you can't equip anything! I whisper back, open my bags and start juggling healing a boss fight with reading through my bags as fast as possible for my Midnight Sun Dagger ... but alas ... it was not there. My shadow priest friend assured me that even without it, my healing was going well (don't want to boast but ... IGJAM - by the way, I'm not a fan of swearing).

Come Saturday I'd gone through my bags and bank several times and noticed that not only was my dagger gone, but so was my Alliance Lance - not a big deal, I could grab one easy. I still have no recollection of throwing out the dagger or vendoring it and the lance, well the lance could only be dumped - vendors don't buy them and I don't remember throwing it out.

So, somewhat reluctantly given my past experience I opened a new ticket basically saying, can you tell me if I either threw it out or vendored it so that I would know which to be annoyed with myself for. I logged my email (the one that is supposed to be linked to my account that the previous GM said was not linked to my account so go figure) and there was a letter from the GM saying that there is a limit to how often they will return items, but I should now find it either in my inventory or my mail ... I'm going to log after this and see ... baited breath ... but has my faith in the GM system returned?

Mind you, it would be cool if they replaced it with this version of the dagger - it's from the 25 man version of ICC and so I just can't imagine getting a chance at getting it.