Monday, April 6, 2009

Recount .... what does it tell me????????

So I've loaded Recount as an addon :)

It makes me look hopeless at dps

Just as well I've not run one of my dps girls with it yet as I'd probably look even worse - I don't run them very often so ... well lets just use the term ... 'out of practice' and leave it at that.

The first time I did it, I had the overhealing tab open on recount and my % were what I thought were quite high... about 25% + ... I'm using that to assume that it means that I'm overhealing by about 25% of the spell or 25% of the time ... either way, I think it means I was wasting my mana and subsequent runs have been under 10% for overhealing but I'm still not really sure what it actually means ... any suggestions? ... maybe I need to go back and read the description on of what it all says.

I think what it told me was that I was improving.

It did work out nice in bg ... I have a nightelf priest who goes to bg's. She is 18 and holy specked and is part way to being as tweaked as I can (I still have to get a friend to run WC for me all the way through ... I'm thinking get in and die until it is clear) - so she has the lorekeepers ring and staff as pvp rewards (I'm a bit stingy to spend the 100g on the world drop staff) and the bronze necklace. She has the barkskin jacket sitting in her bag waiting for 19 - I went with that over the one that drops in VC as it basically has pretty good stats and was a gift and well ment one less instance run. Recount has been great for keeping track of her heals during bg's and I've enjoyed being in the top two healers on the run for the past couple of days.