Sunday, December 26, 2010


This is not a comment on gear, I'll save that wander through my brain for another day. This is about upgrading software.

Am I the only person resisting upgrading to Cataclysm for no other reason than I am still quite happy in my Blizz built WoLK sandpit and not really wanting to expand my horizons?

There are so many things still to visit and I know that I'll not do them if I go and start leveling again until much later on.

... And yet, if I don't ... I'll get left behind by the people I play with.

It is a dilemma.

I am also rather enjoying running up a couple of baby toons through the introductory night elf quests (discovering that I could have a nelf mage ... it just had to be done) and running a gnome rogue through the drenai quests (hey ... so I want my girl to have a huge mount as quick as she can and it is cute seeing her smaller than the grasses in the area). If I go run my 80 resto and mages to 85 when do I get to come back to their little sisters?

As I said ... a dilemma.