Saturday, November 27, 2010

Raiding update

I thought I should leave a little update for you all to read ...

Our group is now 7/12 in ICC 10 man with the downing last week of Rotface ... finally! It only took us about a month and a half to remember all his mechanics ... using our feet ... if there is anyone comment I can make about that fight (well any ICC fight) that you don't hear so often is 'use your feet'. You often hear 'you have to have good raid awareness' but not often what this actually translates into ... what it means is ... don't stand still :) and last weekend we managed that. It was not conventionally pretty but we did it. Our final effort is here ... you are not going to get a pretty polished sound track, rather you get us blurting names of people who are infected and that is about that, but just thought I'd share our efforts. We have already completed the Dreamweaver fight and oddly enough, where I've heard people talk of this as being the most annoying and challenging fight, if anything for our group, it was the most straightforward.

Our next challenges are Prof. Putricide and the Prince's. The order tends to be dependent on how we feel :). Got to be flexible ey. This will need to balance with the challenge of do we leave ICC for a while once cata and level 85 hits to let people go level thier toons? I'd sort of like to hold us all at 80 for a bit so that we finish ICC at the level it was intended for but suspect that people would like to go and level their toon. For most of the group, the toon they are in there with is their main.