Thursday, August 11, 2011

I want to make a dragon

Not just any dragon ... a Vial of Sands dragon

I've sat down and worked out how many mats and gold I need to make two ... one for me and one for my best mate and


gold sink or what

ah well I've been having a bit of fun running up Tsu's alchemy and archaeology to max so she can, hopefully, find that darn recipe. 10 points to go on alch and mm about 350 on arch ... in Tsu's defence, she was maxed alch when cata landed late last year and didn't pick up arch until about a month ago and I've not had as much time as I thought I'd have. Some of the flower mats I have full sets of for what I'll need so :) keep plugging away and one day you'll see me look like ....

Good luck to me I suppose :)


well ... firstly welcome to Autumn ....

I thought I'd come back and update this post ... Tsu has maxed her alchemy and her archaeology and has the first few bits of Tolvir stuff for her first canopic jar ... could she be so lucky to get the vial of sands recipe on the first one? That would be cool.

She's got most of the mats ... just some more gold grinding (which wouldn't take long if she put some effort in to it!)

As a bit of wishful thinking .... The dragon itself ... I particularly like the song on this link and how he turns troll and flaps his little arms in the troll area :).

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cough .. cough ..

Just letting you know ... I've reached that point all WoW gamers reach ...

I've finally loaded Catta

Held off as long as I could ...

There is still content and content and more content in Vanilla, BC and WoLK expansions that I've not even scraped the surface of but off to level 85 we go.

Monday, May 9, 2011

oops ... ICC

Oops ... I forgot to tell you ... ages back .... ICC 10 man norm done :)

Okay so I'm still not caterized ... and I'd sort of love to have a shot at 10 man hard mode before I go cata but omg do you think I can even find level 85's who are prepared to stick their noses into hard mode?????

Geeze ... I didn't think I was that shabby a healer!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

WoW cooking

An old post from Hello Tauren that I have only just come across referred to the number of seagulls in game. I have a lot of fond memories sitting places like the hills over looking South Shore (pre-Cata when it use to be pretty) watching the sea gulls swoop over the ocean. On a side note, I can imagine the 'old folk' of wow taking people into CoT to look at the 'old South Shore' area in a 'when I was a young lad/lass this all use to look like this' type thing.

Anyway, the post got me thinking about sea gulls and what I associate with them leading, logically of course, to thinking back on an oldish post (okay so I've not done many) about food that I'd love to see in game.

I just have to add to it.

I think we need to be able to cook good 'ol fashion fish and chips.

You know the sort; reeking of vinegar and a good sampling of salt we could sit on the cliffs, smelling the sea air and relaxing (yup I sense a nice bit of roll play opportunity here). If Bliz wanted to they could even have the sea gulls come beg for food just like they do in real life. Maybe even a bit of an easter egg of a quest ... feed the birds until one becomes a companion pet :).