Thursday, October 28, 2010

I think this post may disprove the blog title

I'm seriously thinking about finally 'splurging' and adding a tank spec to Tsu.

I think I'll be a crap tank to be honest. Tsu's little sister who is now 73 (so really not all that young anymore) is actually feral/resto speced already (argh back pre patch at 1000g hahah) so I might tweak her feral spec a bit more into bear; she already carries a fair bit of bear spec on her kitty (why ... I will claim a momentary lapse of reasoning) but for some reason does not have a bear form in her spell book (probably because I need to send her to training post patch 4.whatever) but I might, rather than off specing tsu and ruining my ability to go ... nup ... I can only do heals and thus grab my prefered roll ... anyway I'm waffling ...

I think I'll try a bit of tanking on Mystsilver first before I grind out enough points on Tsu to gear her as a tank to see if I can actually do it. I find that although I quite like melee while out questing, the mob effect in dungeons with so many enemies and allies in one spot I find that I tend to loose track of things (that and reliant on a touch pad mouse - not normally an issue in spell casting roles ... trust me ... I know .. you are probably going 'nooooooooooooooooooo omg put this resto on my block list ... but it works fine ... I'll try to remember to put a log up one day to prove/disprove my point). Anyway, so mellee in dungeons I find gets a bit like a bright, busy blast of glary pixels (what can I say ... thank goodness for healer addons)

Friday, October 22, 2010

ICC update

Well we are slowly working our way through ICC 10 man and have now downed 5/12 bosses. Our progress is slow as we really only raid once a week. A second night is proving hard to establish. People wanted a Friday night to complement our now well established Sunday night and to be run at the same time .... and then just about everyone is unavailable. A little frustrating as the person doing the coordinating. The challenge is finding alternate healers and tanks really as willing and keen dps we have a plenty. I think next week I'll try a later time and that may help a bit.

Sunday nights however I would have to say are well established. This one just gone, we turned over the first four bosses in half the time it had taken us the night we all got the achievement Storming the Citadel. Rotface and his twin brother both of whom I suspect were created by bored developers throwing random bits of features together, are a bit tougher. (I'm sorry but in terms of creature design these guys just look like lazy work with blurry features that they could not be bothered to perfect.) It's taken me two goes and lots of reading to have any attempt at keeping straight what is really a relatively simple strategy for my resto chick which is stand in the middle under the feet and heal like hell and oh the other one is run to the tank with my green goo ball ... depending on which boss we are doing. It's a bit more complex for the ranged dps and the tanks having more movement involved or knowing when to switch ... I get lost looking for buffs and things so would fail there I suspect. I think I need a rethink on my UI perhaps. I find it hard sometimes to take what I've read into a visual realm and recognise the things that have been described. I've referred to that issue early on in this blog so I'll not bore you with the details again.

Enough to say that one night a week using the raid lock functions has allowed us to get to 5/12. I'd love to see us at 6/12 by the end of Sunday night at least; it's not a restart so lets be honest, I'm only suggesting one boss fight. I have noticed that we seem to do okay learning one new fight in a night so there is a possibility of getting to 7/12 on Sunday as we are already half way there with the 6th boss.

I'm really looking forward to getting to Valithria Dreamwalker. As a healer race to heal the dragon, its a dramatically different concept in battles for me. I like the idea of the healers being the critical role rather than the perceived support roll in the standard set up for boss fights (personally I disagree, lets be honest ... no heals = wipe unless you are say a mob of 80's running deadmines. The healers are always critical, I don't believe in the idea of support and main roles as it suggests the raid could survive without them which is nonsense).