Monday, February 22, 2010

urgh raiding bah

Raiding has nobs on it.

There really is no nice way to put it.

It has nobs on it big time.

You list for a run and log before the scheduled departure time so as to be ready and it is half an hour after start time that you actually step foot into the raid for starters.

Then there is the inevitability of either someone not showing or after the first catastrophic wipe, someone leaving resulting in the rest of the group twiddling their toes in the sand for the next 20 min trying to work out if anyone knows someone.

oo and don't get me started on the nob heads who spam for raiders but insist on full gear scores, well hello, like the first raiders into an area had high gs! I don't volunteer for these runs. Pulling my toe nails out would be more fun. So would picking Tsu's bark off one sliver at a time.

Invariably you run out of time and don't finish the whole run (okay so Naxx is an exception there as you can do one wing at a time)

so mmm give me a good heroic group any day over a raid. Fewer people fast, coordinated play, less dummy spitting and childish crap ... much better. I like the sheer speed that the groups in the random pick up function produce. They are not in it for a Mother's club natter meeting giving the run an almost ruthless feeling with no time to make a mess of things.

maybe ICC and those areas are more interesting, but all in all, I think Tsu's a heroics girl and not a raider. Raids are too slow for her liking.