Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ah .... maybe I can tank

The feral druid stretched, muscles and joints cracking in suppleness. At 58 she was young yet and knew she needed to visit her trainer in order to learn more. He smiled at her and agreed 'A little tidy up would be good'. She sighed and handed over the gold that would allow her to rebuild her talents. As she built, she thought of an older feral who had given her guidance before allocating talents in such a way as she remembered his words. That job done she listed as tank/dps looking for group but, being the first time she'd looked to tank, added a comment that she'd prefer to dps.

Waiting for a job to come, she moved off around the Hinterlands mining and exploring. A call went out ... 'LF tank ST' ... her heart stopped and she thought ... well I do have a quest there ... It is grey ... ah I'll have a go'. A quick check on the caller showed her to be a 48 warrior. The feral druid explained that she'd like to have a go, but as it would be her first go as tank, she'd understand if people gave advice or booted her if she made too much of a mess. The warrior assured her that they would not yell and promptly invited her to a the group.

The group was made up of the warrior and the feral druid, a level 56 hunter and shaman and a 58 pally resplendent in his cloth robes to heal us where needed. The feral druid worried that she would not maintain the attention of the monsters ... holding agro ... was the term she'd heard whispered in the garden dells of Darnassus and a thing that was, apparently, difficult to do. 

The run ended, they dusted their hands wiping sweat down their leggings and turned and smiled. There had not been a single death on the journey nor a single instance where they had even looked like collapsing. The feral had known that was in part due to the work of the whole group and that they were at the higher end of the experience level for the area, however, she was secretly pleased with how she had worked. When others had picked up agro, she'd had no trouble at picking them off the warrior, pally, hunter or shaman with a quick swipe or growl.

It was, all in all, a wonderful experience where she discovered that she could bear it with the best of them.