Friday, August 10, 2012

Canopic Jars

I think Tsu's archaeology profession is glitched. Really ... it's glitched ... it's got to be. I know out of all my characters she's got by far the worst gambling luck seeming to come last on loot rolls on such a consistent basis that it is a bit of a joke, but her loot luck in archaeology is just sad.

To date she's dug up some 170 common artefacts the majority of which are fossil and night elf as a result of trying to force Uldum sites to pop. How many canopic jars ... 1. Her first Tol'vir artifact was a canopic jar. I was so excited. Could it possibly have been that Tsu's unlucky streak had vanished. She opened the jar with trembling hands nerves alive ... what did she find ... some nasty mushy poorly preserved material she was told was a bit of a brain. Ugh ... sigh. Since then she's had no more jars just lots of maps, pictures and other grey stuff. Her profession lists some 139 artifacts many of which she's dug up multiples of to give me that total of somewhere over 170 (I gave up counting when I hit 170).

This guy had to find 7 jars before he found his vial of sands recipe .... at that rate she's going to have to hit about 1000 artefacts. :(

How badly do I want to be able to turn her into a dragon? How badly do I want to make the vial myself rather than hand over my carefully hoarded mats to one of our guild alchemists?

when Tsu and I go off on her archaeology I'm starting to feel a little like an old lady popping coins compulsively into the pokies one coin at a time knowing all along that I'll lose while crossing my fingers behind my back in the hope to ward off bad luck.