Thursday, August 11, 2011

I want to make a dragon

Not just any dragon ... a Vial of Sands dragon

I've sat down and worked out how many mats and gold I need to make two ... one for me and one for my best mate and


gold sink or what

ah well I've been having a bit of fun running up Tsu's alchemy and archaeology to max so she can, hopefully, find that darn recipe. 10 points to go on alch and mm about 350 on arch ... in Tsu's defence, she was maxed alch when cata landed late last year and didn't pick up arch until about a month ago and I've not had as much time as I thought I'd have. Some of the flower mats I have full sets of for what I'll need so :) keep plugging away and one day you'll see me look like ....

Good luck to me I suppose :)


well ... firstly welcome to Autumn ....

I thought I'd come back and update this post ... Tsu has maxed her alchemy and her archaeology and has the first few bits of Tolvir stuff for her first canopic jar ... could she be so lucky to get the vial of sands recipe on the first one? That would be cool.

She's got most of the mats ... just some more gold grinding (which wouldn't take long if she put some effort in to it!)

As a bit of wishful thinking .... The dragon itself ... I particularly like the song on this link and how he turns troll and flaps his little arms in the troll area :).