Monday, May 25, 2009

hmmm ... that new (ish ... sorta) CoT's run

... You know the one I'm talking about ... post BC, purple swirling gate, much excitement accompanied it as it's arrival in Azeroth coincided with the opening (thoughtful of you Bliz) from Darlan to CoT finally giving an express route from AnyWhere in game world to ... Gadgetzan, ZF, Un'Goro Crater and Silthius ... provided you have a hearth in Darlan or a nice mage ... oh yeah .... it also gave us access to CoT.

... so ... last Friday dawns and in my new world of 'OMG!!! I have to manage my online time better!!!!!!!!!!', what really dawns is my main playing time. We were going to have fun ... and lots of it with Tsu, half way to 76 and her inseparable mate the shadow priest finally off to the 'new' CoT run (please don't actually expect me to remember the names). Ok, so I know I need to pay more attention to lore ... I thought I was walking into Stormwind in past years only to be told noooo and discover the truth of my destination ... but ... we wiped and wiped and wiped. I felt for the warlock who had taken pity on us, (our intrepid guildie tank and a good mate of a balance druid), to act as our guide (none of us other than her had been there). It took us a while to learn from her that you MUST keep moving and she'd end up too far ahead of us and go splat as I could not heal her without loosing track of the rest of my group. 


I had given in to advice that it is good to read about my class and had spent part of that afternoon reading about spell rotations that .. apparently ... work. Although there were a lot of similarities between what I do (not completely formalised, but basically a rejuv/wildgrowth/and one other ... one of those words i forget ... i'll edit when i remember type set up and so i tried to replicate one that I'd been looking at that formalised the rotation a bit more. ... absolute flop ... I could not keep enough on anyone to avoid having to HT deeply on .. well ... on everyone. ... okay ... so forgetting ToL in the first wipe was dumb but mmm shall we just say, a run I want to try again and want to go read about the run ... like maybe figure out what it is actually even called ...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

on cooking ...

Tsu is my cook. I don't really see the point of running secondary profs up on the others except for first aide when she can make everything and just distribute as needed ... but food I'd like to be able to make ..

  1. Porridge .. mmmmm ... old fashioned and daggy, every drop is delicious. Add a handful of sultanas, a couple of prunes and some honey and ahhhh talk about ultimate comfort food. ... It would give a comfort buff ... making you more likable so monsters would not be so likely to want to maul you while you were farming herbs and mines.
  2. Toffees - you know the ones Mum use to make. If she'd only boil the sugar mix for a bit it would be soft and gooey ... these ones would give a Sticky buff so that trinkets, buffs and gear would 'stick' better and last ... so things like buffs would tick off over a longer period of time. The ones she cook longer so they go hard would give a Vulnerability buff - you would throw them at your target and it would cause damage as a DoT- just like Mum's did when you tried to bite into them.
  3. Hot Dogs with cheese, tomato sauce, mustard, onions .... they would make you happy and could only be eaten when sitting around a fire when in a party group.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Feral Healer ...

Some weeks ago Myst discovered that xp in BRD was sweeeeet running at half to three quaters a level for a messy run where we completed maybe a third of the place before we all went ... bah, it's late, I'm tired goodnight ... kk so we'd started at that time of night where a sane person would have gone to bed. Now that run was back when she was only JUST big enough to get in.

So, last night sees her back in LFG not too fussed if she didn't get a run as she had to do the run around in EPL finding the little girl's dolly and handing in a couple of quests at Hope's Chapel so a bit of time spent riding long leagues as she didn't have a lot of fp up that way other than the obligatory refuge, southshore and chillwind point ones from SM runs back ages ago. Riding up the road well west of HC, comes a whisper ... 'BRD yes?' ... 'sureeeee' I reply ... coool. Hand in my quests and she dings 53 ... nice. Allocate another talent point registering that mmm crap the tree looks messy reflecting her first respec into feral when I was ooo yah pure dps that began morphing into mmm maybe being a bear would be fun resulting just in a bit of confusion that would horrify most theory crafting people. One summons later sees her standing at the stone in BRD with my head spinning and rushing to catch up with people managing to agro every damn thing in the cavern before the entry portal. Dead on the ground the healer goes ...' where did you die?' In horror at my stupidity I'm 'ooo don't ask, I wont be long', run back, res and catch up looking decidedly incompetent. 

Myst was the smallest dps in the group by two levels and her dps and damage output I thought was looking shabby until I realized that I was being outpdps'ed by a lvl 57 hunter by only 100 points so I didn't feel quite so bad after that. Part way though the run, the very, very competent holy speced healer priest looks at me and goes 'Can you heal?'. My immediate thought was ...'crap my dps is so bad the healer wants to swap'. I reply, 'Well I don't have dual yet so all my points are feral but I have a bit of spirit/int gear with me, I could have a go'. 'cool' she replies 'I'm dual shadow/holy but have not had a chance to run it yet'. So we swop and I slip via Item Rack into 'something more comfortable' and manage to heal us through a couple of tight fights. :) ok, so our health dipped a lot more than it did with our seriously good healer (she has, apparently 3 80's and all healers and I can believe that with how she ran) but only one res needed so I was pleased and ooo so can't wait for that 1000g to build up so I can go feral/resto. I know resto/balance makes more sense in gear but I'm enjoying being a kitty dps and have used bear in solo work and enjoyed that - i've not been game enough to list as tank yet - think I need to ask some guildies for a favour and have a go at tanking them before I do that. 

Myst clearly was not as good at healing as the holy priest and so after a bit we swapped back at her suggestion :(. She was finding the healing a bit boring but hey, we got a long way through the place before, yet again, we all decided to go home.

Two runs in there and mmm Myst is now 2 bar of xp off 55 and needing some training. I would have liked to ding again but our tank needed to sleep and quite frankly, so did I.