Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quests I wish were NOT repeatable ....

mmm you know that white cat mount you can get from Winterspring - all white with shimmery white/silver stripes called Glimmer I think? He's a stunning saber tooth vicious, elegant feline. mmm beautiful. You have to earn rep. with the trainers in Winterspring to prove yourself worthy of riding one of these beasts. Earning rep. I don't mind and you do end up feeling like you have actually achieved something ... but that quest!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooohh man! Surely they could just give you one quest that says 'Go forth, kill a mob of bears and chimera and bring back 10000000000000000 pieces of their meat.'? Getting sent out to get 5 pieces of each, taking them back to then be sent back for another 5 pieces of each ... hmmm lol.

Sigh ... I've done the first round and well the best I manage is 250 honor points out of about 2000 or something before she goes from Neutral to the trainers having Any sense of feeling towards me ... sigh ... I suppose I should not be too upset ... at least they don't hate me ey .... long road back from hate.

While I'd love to pretend that Blizzard read this post and responded by redesigning the rep quests, I'm not that foolish. I am however, very excited to note that they have changed the quests to having to over  period of 20 quests collect food, play and teach your kitten until you have it's whiskers and can gain your mount.

A big improvement.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quests I'd love to have repeatable :)

I went online last night and found myself in the middle of a quest in Northrend I would love to do again, simply because it was a bit of fun and a variation on the usual 'Go forth and kill 30 whatevers'. Okay, so it was 'Fly forth on this trusty gryphon here and rescue 10 villagers' but hey, it was nice to do something for the cause that, for once, did not involve having to kill everything in sight. As a healer, it goes somewhat against my druid's nature to run rampantly around an area leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.

The quest in question is the Flight of the Wintergarde Defender where you fly a gryphon down to rescue 10 helpless souls from the ruins of the Wintergarde Village. These poor, defenceless souls have been invaded by the scourge and run fleeing in panic from the Carrion Fields. Much mirth was heard last night in my lounge room as we swooped down to pick a damsel in distress up from the clutches of the evil monsters while over head loomed the pyramid of darkness that dominates our Wow lives at the moment. It was sardining to see the depths of damage done by the invading monsters of the Lich King and rewarding to think that you'd contributed in a small way to the overthrowing of his legions.

Why do again, simply because it was a bit of positive fun in a game that can be a little bloody in its quest to over throw the ultimate evil.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mmm 71 and a half

:) We dinged 71 and a half on Sunday night.

Okay so I can hear you all groan ... that's not actually something to get all that excited about ... but that half a level has been done the 'hard' way by completing quests. She's not run a level dungeon run at all yet this level. The online time has been somewhat curtailed of late and I just can't promise to be on long enough to actually get the job done and so she's had to grind the level off and as you can imagine ... being resto, her offensive skills are blunted in favour of her heals and so while she can solo anything I take her too unless I'm foolish and go ... 'ooo that red monster looks fair game'... but it is a long, slow process. It is amazing to think that at 20 000 xp per run half a level can still take a long, long while.

She's been doing the runs around the Fizzcranks airstrip ... why? mmm killing evil gnomes in little black leather look-a-lilke suits just appeals to me somewhat ... and I'm finding that the leather gear that is quest rewards predominantly is feral gear ... all stam and agility gear and to get things that will boost her spirit or int. stats or spell damage/heal stats are cloth. Yes, I can hear you all going ... druid in cloth healing ... and what is so bad about that??????? Well ... the problem is that the cloth gear is not an improvement on the leather heal gear she is in at the moment (shabby as it is with 2 kara drops and a couple of other okayish bits). Rather the cloth just maintains her stats while taking the bottom out of the armor level of the gear. ... maybe I just need to trust the tanks more that they will out agro me (not that hard to do lol) and I can collect a cloth heal set. Maybe I need to move into even more snowy areas and target other drops... sigh lol or find the time to go lfg for a dungeon or two.

The Friday before last she and I did end up in a run. We got an invite to heal in a kara run that was a fair way through so after running through empty chambers to find the group and do a bit of work, the round of 'soz got to go ... ' similar to the one that lead to our invite in the first place start up ... so the group goes ... lets go lfm and get enough to go off and bang the gong. ... mmm ... finishing kara would have been better ... we trooped off to the gong and stood there banging and banging that damn thing to absolutely no end with half the group agonising that 'it's not That Hard ... our Guild got in first time' and other similar content. ... A complete waste of time and effort in which I could have been knocking off a couple more quests ... at least I would have picked up Some xp for the night. Such a waste that I have no idea what the inside of that place looks like. lol ... one positive ... well she still has all those potions and things I brewed up before we went :) so now she can pretend to be a regular girl scout next time I roll her out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


mmm... so a blog ... amazing the way the white space looms ahead of you tempting you to fill it while terrifying in its certainty that it will record every speck you record ... mmm .... so what to record ...

On the fair thought that few will stumble across my musings I'm planning a place where I can wander through my thoughts and explore another dimension to my game.

I am, as my blog title informs us all ... a resto druid through and through and despite this, the whispers she (my main) gets ingame are generally '... LFM ... tank for .... can you do it?' ... Sigh ... to such an extent that I've come to the conclusion that I must be listed on some secret 'DruidTank Listings' in game that others have found and use and I am still yet clueless about. So ... once and for all ... 'No ... I can't tank ... I'm Resto' ... there ... it is said. She'll probably continue to be resto for a long while after the miracle that is dual spec lands on my desktop (drat, I must learn to not shut down immediately on logging out so that the patch can update ...) as the lure of a specky new mount/flight form at the princely sum attached to it far outweighs, at the moment, the lure of being able to tank as a resto druid accompanied by its associated costs of getting dual spec And having to get the gear to go with it! hmmm a market in offspec gear for a bit ... drat ... I should have gone farming/leatherworking/been drattedly rich and cleaned out the AH only to post again at ridiculous prices ....

I should also clarify the 'through and through' bit also ... my main is a resto druid ... I also have an up and coming lvl mid 40 something druid who I've just respeced off resto/balance hybrid to being a wanna be feral. That reads as ... argh ... I have no idea about being feral. In her second run out it was so hard to overcome the urge to be in elf form it was not funny. The run, however was very, very funny and :) endless gratitude to this big furry level 80 catbear of a feral for tanking/dpsing her through ZF for her pretty blue head piece and those icky scarab beetles. I did have a lot of fun the very first day hitting the training dummies who are, at her level, very good at dodging. Within minutes of respecing she found herself in an ulda run with a generous guildie who had invited her along. I warned the guildie that I'd just changed and had no idea and, well, if he could cope, I could come. 'Sure' he says 'just hit my target and you'll be fine' so off she went (dpsing in her resto/balance gear as I'd not even had a chance to hit the AH for some emergency gear) and mmm well I hope I didn't get in the way too much. I'm so use to watching omen to keep my threat levels down and healbot to watch for who needs a bit of a buzz that it was a new experience to only have to manage threat and let someone else worry about heals. (actually ... not healing and letting the quite competent priest heal was really hard to do lol ... reading the bars are almost instinct automatic these days)