Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Frost Mages ... FTW ... sorta

I read a comment on Icy Veins saying that Frost Mages were currently considered the inferior spec.

Not long after that I ran my fairly poorly geared 85 Frost (non-pvp to boot) Mage through a dungeon that left me going ... 'inferior ... really?????' and just 'had' to share the following screen shots with you all.

Yup ... you are reading that right ... my 'squishy', 'inferior' Frost Mage did just shy of 40k dps ... with Panggs and Roghan coming in a close second and third. If you've followed my armory links there you will, no doubt be getting suspicious as Panggs was our very capable healer and Roghan our more than competent tank and you'd be right to be questioning my recount. We had, in fact, just finished the dragon bombing run in Grim Batol when I glanced at my recount and laughed. For a moment in time my Mage looked as if she'd out done herself to claim 27.4% of the damage. I'd not noticed before that the dragon 'bombs' registered on our dps meters and it does go to illustrate how much caution must be applied to any meter in game. Still, for that split second of time, my Mage did herself proud and topped the dps charts.

Valiant as she was, these were not values that were sustainable and by the end of the run her numbers looked like this ...

Out dps'ed by the tank ... sigh ... well ... I did say that he was competent. He said he was better at dps than tanking. I don't think my Mage took a single hit the whole run. Thank goodness he was tanking, I'd cry if I saw his figures when running in dps. Still ... if I'm honest, the residual of that dragon ride is still evident in my Mage's stats ... she normally averages about 5.5K at the end of a dungeon and probably illustrating the observation from Icy Veins nicely.

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