Saturday, April 7, 2012

I wish transmogging was more flexible

Well ... what can I say ... blame BBB for this post or more specifically his letter to Effraeti regarding a certain little Bear's gear. The end result, you'd have to agree ... simply stunning. Combine that with Tome of the Ancient's Mog Madness post and I got thinking about my mage.

If any of my girls are a bit of a 'girlie girl' it would be my mage. She's often found getting rescued by her friend, a dashing Paladin, as she is want to stop and look at pretty things and collect pretty dresses. Her tailoring prof had little higher purpose than the desire to make pretty things. If she were a real person, she'd have a well used credit card and a collection of shoes and dresses that Imelda Marcos would be proud of. But, my mage has a problem ... what she'd love to run in, Bliz in all their wisdom, has said, no, that does not meet requirements.

Let me show you.

This was my mage way back in 2008 when she was a sweet little thing. I can't remember her level at the time, but I suspect you can tell, she's not high - I think from memory that staff you can just see is the one that dropped in STV, the one with the blue feathers around a disc.

At 85 she did some sewing and made the full set. It was the first time she'd been able to equip an entire set and was most pleased with herself (okay well I was pleased).

Since then she's earned herself a new dress and, of course, just 'had' to put it on. I tell you, she's costing me a fortune in gems and enchants. No sooner than I'd tidied up her last lot of good clothes than she goes shopping, gets new gear and expects it gemmed and enchanted. Ah well, it's worth it, I do like her dress. She tells me it's her 'work uniform'. ... pft ... mind you, if I could remember how to change her stance on Armory, I'd be happier.

But the point of this post was not to show you every dress in her wardrobe but to show you the two outfits she most likes to wear. She has a bit of a streak, if you get my drift, and likes to race around on her motorbike and asked for, well, demanded an outfit to match. I found her the following ... a mix of Haliscan and Mageweave gear amongst other things.

Her preferred outfit for being about town at the moment keeps most of this outfit with a few changes thanks to the Clothiers in Dalaran.

Em assures me that she does not mind being able to transmog these outfits as she maintains that if she had to wear them in a dungeon, they'd get dirty. She also refuses the option of shoulders, I've just not found a pair that fit. Either way, she does rather preen in her clothes.

While my mage understands the policy, I'd love to have a bit more flexibility in what she can transmog. I rather like the final image.

Oh ... and ... no ... I can't tank ... I'm a mage!

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